Luxury Waterfront Specialist | 6-Pack Captain | Yacht Broker

Sofia Jewelewicz

Sofia, born and raised in Boca Raton, FL, cultivated a profound passion for boats and the ocean from a young age. Her journey into the yachting world began in 2021 at just 16 years old, earning her the title of "Blue Top Legend" after navigating the Boca Inlet with flair in her 1988 Boston Whaler 13 Sport. 

Committed to her maritime education, Sofia obtained her Merchant Mariner Credential. Embarking on her career in the marine industry, Sofia initially served as a mate, where her connections allowed her to progress into yacht management and detailing. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to seamlessly transition into yacht brokerage, where she has proven herself as a confident and strategic negotiator, seizing opportunities on a global scale.

An avid boater, Sofia holds sponsorships from prestigious brands such as Wavy Boats, International Marine, and Bad Boy Boating. Whether cruising the open ocean in her Boston Whaler 160 Dauntless or enjoying lake days at Lake Boca, Sofia's love for the water is evident. Explore current listings or discover more about yacht evaluations at

Sofia Jewelewicz

Personal Training | Nutritional Counseling

Ariana Jewelewicz

As a passionate bodybuilder, Ariana is dedicated to helping others reach their true athletic potential. With years of experience training under Olympia competitors, bodybuilding coaches, and IFBB Pro athletes, Ariana specializes in giving athletes the tools that they need to perform at their best.

Studying Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Florida, Ariana is committed to making fitness a part of everyone’s life. Whether it is in strength training, cardiovascular performance, or competition preparation, Ariana ensures that all of her athletes are suitably prepared to execute at an unparalleled level.

Ariana’s commitment to bodybuilding stems from her equivalent passion for nutrition, utilizing her extensive knowledge of nutrition and physiology to assist her athletes’ performance during training and competition. Offering nutritional guidance, Ariana assists clients in reaching their health and wellness goals as it pertains to sports performance.

Ariana centers her coaching on communication and accountability, taking the time to understand each athlete’s unique physiology and offering distinct solutions based on each individual’s goals. Contact Ariana today to discuss your fitness aspirations.